Greetings Sapients and Lutrinae of all planets


I’m Peter Antonioni. For my sins, I am a refugee economist in the department of Management Science and Innovation at UCL, where I largely teach terrified second year cherubim to be even more terrified in the face of the calamity that is a complex world by introducing them to horrific concepts like prisoner’s dilemmas and hair raising corpus of works like those of Nash, Stills and Young.

After a long amount of humming, hawing and making other kinds of strange sub-vocal noises I have finally begun to write thought shapes from my brain to the infinite vastitude of T3h Int3rn3tz, a decision I may have cause to regret or may not as the case may be. My focus, in particular, is Industrial Economics. That is, I like looking at the bits of economics that are to do with how industries work, in terms of nice concepts like innovation, evolution, competition and co-operation et cetera, et cetera. Thus, you might be slightly disappointed if you’re looking for the usual Keynes/Austerity/Goldbuggery articles; not that I won’t wade in, but I’m really not usually about that part of the game.

All, or a greater part of the thought forms therein are my own to a greater or lesser degree, meaning they may not be original, but they don’t as far as I know represent anybody else’s viewpoint and I don’t claim them too. This is by way of giving the standard disclaimer that these do not represent UCL, as if any voice could represent so fractious a body and that colleagues should not be unduly disturbed by my attempts to prove that noise will always drown out signal.

Be Excellent to Each Other and Party on Dudes.